Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's All Good!!

Milo:   I could get used to a place like this!   Lots of good food and company... even The Murdog is turning out not to be as cranky as I thought he was going to be.  Although sometimes he hovers outside my crate when I'm in it and stares at me, and then as soon as I leave he seems to whip right in there.  Very strange behavior.

I've figured out the stairs now and I'm still a Good Boy who never has Accidents.  I'm still not sure what that means exactly, but it's obviously all good.  Mom is happy about it, anyway.  I get kind of lonely at night, so Mom has been letting me sleep with her at night.  Murray says he's never seen her let anyone do that, other than Dad, so she must think I'm pretty special.

Murray:   Actually, it's because she's sick of listening to you whine when she puts you in your crate at night.  Sheesh.

Milo:   Well, I think it's because she likes cuddling with me.  Anyway, I really do like it here, and Mom says pretty soon, I'll be going to my Forever Home, which she says will be even better... it's hard to imagine, though!

Check out the pictures of me.  The first one shows you that I'm a Handsome Boy (if I do say so myself).  The second is me doing my yoga exercises.   That's Murray back there, just watching instead of doing.   He's like that.     


  1. Murray, you're more like me ("watching instead of doing"). That new dog is more like your Mom (has to be showing us all how fit and gorgeous she is).

    1. You're just buttering me up so I'm nice to you when we come out there this summer...