Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buddy: I'm getting adopted! I'm so excited! These really nice people came to visit me last weekend, played with me, and then told my Mom they want me to be part of their family! My Mom says she's going to miss me but hopefully we'll still be able to visit sometime.

I hope they have peanut butter there.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Buddy: Here I am, hangin' with my foster bro. We like lying around like this. We also enjoy running around in the backyard, but Mom doesn't want me to do that for a few days because I pulled a muscle in my back leg. So I've been a floor potato for the last few days. (Unlike Murray, I don't like couches; I'd rather lie on my own pillow in the same room with my family.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Murray: So, it appears Buddy's insatiable hunger has nothing to do with tapeworms - he STILL keeps trying to eat my food, after scarfing down his down at the speed of light! Mom says it must be because he came so recently from the track and probably had to compete for food there. I'm not so sure. I think maybe he's a pig in greyhound's clothing - I hear those actually exist!

Other than that, and the fact that Buddy still doesn't seem to understand that I don't like being disturbed when I'm trying to catch my beauty rest, I've started to like Buddy a lot. He's good company and fun to play with (when I'm not trying to sleep). Mom says Buddy is just staying with us until he finds a forever home. I hope his forever home isn't too far away so we can visit each other.

Mom said I could post my picture here, since this is my blog too. I'm already in my forever home, though, so don't get any ideas! (I know I'm a handsome boy, and really sweet, because Mom tells me that all the time. Plus I look really good in sunglasses.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

This picture is reminding me, it's time to get to sleep. Good night!

So, this bone was trying to get away, but I stopped it. I'm very vigilant about things like that. The little yellow squeaky thing behind me in this picture had tried the same thing a bit earlier. I like to keep an orderly house, and sometimes that requires me to show everyone who's boss.

Chillin' with my sister - one of my favorite things to do! (She's very comfortable and smells especially good after she plays soccer!)

Ah, the good old days.... Dad carrying me down the stairs, like the Royalty I am!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Buddy: I was feeling a bit under the weather for a while, but didn't even realize it until Dad discovered earlier this week that I had tapeworms. Mom got me some medicine, and now I'm feeling great! I already liked it here, but I'm having so much more fun now that I feel better. There are a lot of squeaky toys to play with - I'm particularly partial to the pink pig, although the big red worm is kind of fun too. I enjoy running around in the backyard when Mom throws the tennis ball. Murray and I compete to be the first to get to it. It's really fun! I'm also enjoying my long walks with Murray and Mom in the mornings and at night.

Murray: For a while Buddy would just stand around when we were outside, but that must have been because he wasn't feeling well. He's back to his normal self now (or what I guess must be his normal self), and we're having a good time together. I'm happy to report that I'm still faster than him when we race, even though he's feeling better!! (Well, I'm a little bit faster) I'm hoping Buddy will stop trying to steal my food now that they've gotten rid of that tapeworm!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It was pouring tonight but Mom and Dad made me go for a walk anyway. I would rather have stayed inside and done my business in the bathroom like they do, but they told me no. It's OK, though - after they brought me in, I had a nice towel rub and then got a treat. Yum! Then I found my favorite spot on the kitchen floor and sacked out. This is the life!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I've finally figured out these things they call "stairs." I don't mind going up at all anymore, although I wish Dad would keep carrying me down like he was doing for a couple of days when I hurt my leg a little. I probably should have kept limping! Oh well. Mom took a couple of pictures of Dad carrying me down the stairs. I've got to have her post them later so I can remember better days...

I think Mom's about to feed me - gotta go!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is me with my foster bro Murray. He's the one on the right. The blue jeans belong to my foster Dad.

Buddy: Here's a picture that was taken of me by Mom's friend Katrisha who was visiting last weekend. Aren't I good looking? Mom says I have the prettiest coat she's ever seen.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Buddy: Day two at my adoptive parents' house. When I woke up this morning, my foster Mom and Dad seemed really happy with me. They said it was because I let them sleep all night and then did my business outside like I was supposed to. Boy, these people are easy to please, I think I'll keep it up!! This is SOOOO much easier and more fun than living on the track!

Murray: I'm getting used to this pup. He's pretty funny, I have to admit. This morning my Mom took me to see my Grandma like we do every morning before my Mom goes to work. She took Buddy and me for a walk first in the woods behind Grandma's place, like we always do, and then put Buddy in the back of her CRV, which has become his travelling place, leaving the windows open so he could stick his head out if he wanted to while we were at Grandma's. We were only gone for a few minutes, but when we came back, Buddy had gotten himself stuck on the back of the back seat, with his front legs on the back seat, and his back legs not quite able to make it over. He was hilarious! I guess he must have thought if he made it to the back seat, he could climb out the window after us! (I could have told him that wasn't possible if he'd asked me, but he didn't.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Buddy is Here!

Starz Murray: Hi, this is Murray. Yesterday, Mom brought home this… puppy… and told me he’s going to be staying with us for a while. Man, I thought I had energy! I’m only 4, and this guy makes me look like I’m an old man! He never stops!! I admit he’s kind of cute, but he’s not nearly as cute as my Mom thinks he is. My Mom and Dad call him “Buddy,” which kind of confused me for a while because that’s one of the things they sometimes call me even though it’s not my real name. Well, I have a lot of other names too, so I guess he can have that one. As long as he stays away from my beds and my toys.

Buddy: Wow, this place is pretty cool! All these new things to smell! And all these new people to admire me! I really like my foster Mom. She's interesting, so I've been following her around some to see what she does. I've also got a foster Dad and sister who are pretty nice and really know where to scratch. I think there are a couple of more sibs I haven't met yet.

There’s another greyhound here! His name is Murray. He seems a little cranky, but I know I’ll win him over in a day or two. How could he not love me? Everyone else does! Hey, what's that? I think I’ll go investigate! Back in a while….