Sunday, May 8, 2011

Buddy is Here!

Starz Murray: Hi, this is Murray. Yesterday, Mom brought home this… puppy… and told me he’s going to be staying with us for a while. Man, I thought I had energy! I’m only 4, and this guy makes me look like I’m an old man! He never stops!! I admit he’s kind of cute, but he’s not nearly as cute as my Mom thinks he is. My Mom and Dad call him “Buddy,” which kind of confused me for a while because that’s one of the things they sometimes call me even though it’s not my real name. Well, I have a lot of other names too, so I guess he can have that one. As long as he stays away from my beds and my toys.

Buddy: Wow, this place is pretty cool! All these new things to smell! And all these new people to admire me! I really like my foster Mom. She's interesting, so I've been following her around some to see what she does. I've also got a foster Dad and sister who are pretty nice and really know where to scratch. I think there are a couple of more sibs I haven't met yet.

There’s another greyhound here! His name is Murray. He seems a little cranky, but I know I’ll win him over in a day or two. How could he not love me? Everyone else does! Hey, what's that? I think I’ll go investigate! Back in a while….

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