Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You're too late!!

Greyhound Mom:   

Today we celebrate welcoming Tulia into our family.    

But not to worry, there are many other sweet, wonderful greyhounds eagerly awaiting the chance to worm their way into your heart.  Just not this one!

See Denise if you're ready.  And donate if you're not!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Fun Day in Fosterville!

Another good day again today!  Well, for me.  Mom and Dad are pretty tired because I woke them up last night when I needed to go to the bathroom.  But Mom told me it's all good because I'm supposed to tell them when I need to go so they can take me outside.  I haven't had any Accidents in the house at all and Mom says I'm a Really Good Girl.   That makes me very happy.

This morning Mom took Murray and me to meet one of her friends at a ball park.  Her friend has a greyhound named Chelsea.  We had fun running together.   Mom is really bad at taking movies, but she took one of us this morning.  Warning: don't watch it if you're feeling dizzy.  

But I must say, it felt good running just for fun!  Chelsea and I are making plans to get together again soon. 

Murray and I spent the day chilling.  After my Mom came home from work, we took a long walk and had dinner.   Then I worked on my Imitation of a Rug.  Murray says it's an important life skill, and I'm taking it very seriously.   Here are some pictures of me practicing - I'm doing pretty well, huh?

Life is good!  


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Foster Mother's Day!

Tulia:  I played a really fun trick on my Foster Mom today.   I've been pretty nervous around stairs, so she hadn't yet tried to get me to go up and down more than the few it takes to get into the house, which I just sort of leap over. Today, Murray went into the back yard by going down a bunch of steps leading to the yard from our back deck.  I was afraid to do it, so after encouraging me for a while, Mom just walked me around the house to the back.

 Here's a picture of me      

resting in the shade under the deck in the back yard.  I enjoyed a nice salad while I was there.

Anyway, when it was time to go back into the house, Mom decided to teach me how to go up the back steps instead of walking me back around.   There are about 15 or so steps with a couple of landings in between.  Mom put my front paws on the step above where they were, then moved my back paws up to the step immediately beneath where my front paws were and kind of pushed me up.  It took about 10 minutes and was exhausting for both of us.  The Murdog (that's what they call Murray) came running up the steps behind us.  Then Mom went into the house to get us a drink of water.  While she was gone, the Murdog decided to go back down into the yard.  So I followed him.  Actually going down the steps was easier than I thought.

Murray:   That's because she learned from the Master.   Me.

Tulia:  Yeah, well.  Anyway.  Mom eventually came out of the house and looked really surprised when I wasn't on the deck anymore.  After looking down at us in the yard and laughing (I'm not sure what was so funny, but I'm glad she was happy), she went back into the house again, and Murray went back up the steps to see what she was doing.   So I followed him.   It was much easier without Mom interfering by trying to move my paws for me.

Murray:   Mom looked like she was about to fall over with surprise when she saw us waiting for her on the deck.  It was a pretty good time, kind of like April Fool's Day!

 Mom took some pictures of Tulia and me chillin' in the back yard and on the deck.  I told her only to include the pictures of Tulia to show you how cute she is.  (After all, I'm not up for adoption, and I don't like to get anyone's hopes up.)  Like I said yesterday, Tulia really is a looker, and pretty sweet too, except that last night she tried to eat my treat that I was reserving for later.  I had to teach her that even adorable only gets you so far in this house. At some point, I may even have to reconsider that girlfriend thing, but not yet.  I don't want to upset her because she's still pretty fragile after everything she's been through this past week.

Tulia:  Murray, that's really special.
Murray:   That's what I'm like.          

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tulia is here!  

Tulia:    Hi!  I just arrived here today from the Greyhound Rescue kennel.  It's been kind of a rough week.  I left the track a few days ago (whew!), had some surgery, went to the rescue kennel for a couple of days and then, today, took a long car ride from the kennel to this place called Grapehounds.  After a while, a lady came over and started paying lots of attention to me.  She says she's my new Foster Mom.  So Mom and I walked around for a while and then we took another long car ride.  And now I'm here!  Mom says this is going to be my home until I find a Forever Home.  I'm not sure how I'm going to go about doing that, but in the meantime, this place suits me just fine.

When I first got here, I met my Dad, my Foster Sister and my Foster Dogbro Murray.  Mom and Dad took Murray and me to a big fenced-in yard where we got to run around for a while and then relax outside without any leashes.  The lady who owns the yard is named Marsha and she has a little dog - at least that's what Marsha says it is - named Trixie.  Trixie is tiny!  And she smells really good.  I think maybe I liked Trixie more than she liked me.


Then we came back to my Foster House.  This place is big!   I have a huge crate - much bigger than anything I've ever been in before.  Plus the door  never seems to be shut so I've gotten to wander around.  No one stops me, although Mom does hang around me a lot.

Pretty quickly after we got here, Murray seemed to disappear.  I found him after a while cowering in this tiny room that's next to the garage.  Awfully strange behavior for a guy who clearly considers himself a stud.  Mom says it's because he's afraid of thunder.  She wasn't kidding - he's even shaking.  Well, whatever.   It gives me a chance to explore without him getting in my way.  He has some awfully comfortable pads and fun toys, and I think I've just about tried them all.

Anyway, I wasn't feeling so great when I got here, but I had a really good meal and lots of water and I'm starting to feel better.  I've been pretty itchy from the shampoo I had to get rid of my fleas, and Mom massaged me for a while with something called coconut oil.  I feel kind of greasy now, and I smell like a pina colada (I bet you wonder how I know what THAT is!), but I'm not nearly as itchy.  I'm also starting to feel pretty tired.  I think I'll go to bed soon, but I'm excited about getting up and having a full day here tomorrow.  
Talk to you soon!

Love, Tulia

Murray:    So, this girl Tulia is a real looker, I've got to admit.  She may even have some potential on the girlfriend front.  We'll have to
see, though.  First I have to get past this thunderstorm.   Hopefully she isn't making herself too much at home in the meantime.   

Yours in the mudroom,