Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Fun Day in Fosterville!

Another good day again today!  Well, for me.  Mom and Dad are pretty tired because I woke them up last night when I needed to go to the bathroom.  But Mom told me it's all good because I'm supposed to tell them when I need to go so they can take me outside.  I haven't had any Accidents in the house at all and Mom says I'm a Really Good Girl.   That makes me very happy.

This morning Mom took Murray and me to meet one of her friends at a ball park.  Her friend has a greyhound named Chelsea.  We had fun running together.   Mom is really bad at taking movies, but she took one of us this morning.  Warning: don't watch it if you're feeling dizzy.  

But I must say, it felt good running just for fun!  Chelsea and I are making plans to get together again soon. 

Murray and I spent the day chilling.  After my Mom came home from work, we took a long walk and had dinner.   Then I worked on my Imitation of a Rug.  Murray says it's an important life skill, and I'm taking it very seriously.   Here are some pictures of me practicing - I'm doing pretty well, huh?

Life is good!