Sunday, June 17, 2012


Milo:   Today was quite the day!   First, it was my Foster Daddy's Day, so we had brunch and then took a really nice long walk at a place called Potomac Overlook.  I'm not sure why my Foster Mom and Dad hadn't taken me there before - it was really cool!  Even Murray likes it, and let me tell you, he's very hard to please!

But best of all, when we got back, I met my new Mom!!   I have a Forever Home!  I know everyone in my foster family will miss me a lot (they all got kind of misty eyed and kissed me a lot when I was leaving), but I'm really excited!   In my new home, I'll have a big brother and a sister who's actually a cat, but she can't help it and I'll try to understand.  I'll get to go to work with my Mom and help her out.   We also have a farm where my Mom and her friend raise horses!   This is going to be fun!

My Mom promised my Foster Mom that she'll bring me back for visits, and I might even get to see Murray and her at the Meet and Greet next Saturday in Tysons Corner.   I can't wait to see Murray and tell him all about my new home.  He is going to be soooooo jealous!   Good-bye for now!

Murray:   I'll miss this one, but I think he's going to be happy.  And it will be nice to have my bed back...  Now that I mention it, I think I'll head up there right now and make sure it's as comfortable as I remember....   

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ah Bliss!!

Daddy Scratches

More Daddy Scratches

Milo:   So, I got tired of walking around looking like a dunce and bumping into everything so I took off that stupid cone thing.   I was hanging around and picked up some nice Foster Daddy Scratches.   Ahhhhh.....  


Even though I was a Good Boy and didn't bite my stitches, my Foster Brother's girlfriend stuck the thing back on.  Oh well.   I got some BroScratches for my troubles.  Ahhhh.....

More BroScratches

My other Foster Sister is coming home tomorrow.  I know she'll feel sorry for me and let me take this darn thing off.  Until then, I'm going to practice looking extra put out.  (Don't worry, I'll do a better job of it than I'm doing in Mom's pictures.)

Murray:   Truth be told, I'll be glad when the pup gets that thing off.  He's a hazard.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rough Day Yesterday

Murray:  Milo's eye and cheek swelled up yesterday for some reason, so when Mom came home she took him to the vet.  She says he has some kind of abscess, which got drained and now seems to be okay.   While he was there, the vet also removed a tumor that Mom had been kind of worried about, even though the doctor said it's probably nothing.   Mom kind of worries about us. 
Anyway, when Milo came home, he had this big hard plastic thing wrapped around his head, which he has to wear for about a week or so.   Mom says it's to keep him from biting the stitches, but it isn't doing a very good job.  One thing it has done pretty successfully is turned Milo into even more of a hazard than he usually is, bumping into all kinds of things because he can't see very well while wearing the Cone of Shame.  I feel kind of sorry for him.  Sort of.

Milo:  I think I'm handling this rather well, all things considered.  Check out my picture.  Could anyone else look so dignified wearing this thing?

By the way, I don't think that vet is all that smart.  It isn't really all that hard to munch on the stitches when I feel like it.  Only now Mom has put some bad tasting stuff on them so I guess I'll snack on something else.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's All Good!!

Milo:   I could get used to a place like this!   Lots of good food and company... even The Murdog is turning out not to be as cranky as I thought he was going to be.  Although sometimes he hovers outside my crate when I'm in it and stares at me, and then as soon as I leave he seems to whip right in there.  Very strange behavior.

I've figured out the stairs now and I'm still a Good Boy who never has Accidents.  I'm still not sure what that means exactly, but it's obviously all good.  Mom is happy about it, anyway.  I get kind of lonely at night, so Mom has been letting me sleep with her at night.  Murray says he's never seen her let anyone do that, other than Dad, so she must think I'm pretty special.

Murray:   Actually, it's because she's sick of listening to you whine when she puts you in your crate at night.  Sheesh.

Milo:   Well, I think it's because she likes cuddling with me.  Anyway, I really do like it here, and Mom says pretty soon, I'll be going to my Forever Home, which she says will be even better... it's hard to imagine, though!

Check out the pictures of me.  The first one shows you that I'm a Handsome Boy (if I do say so myself).  The second is me doing my yoga exercises.   That's Murray back there, just watching instead of doing.   He's like that.     

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mind Blowing is Here!

Murray:   Mind Blowing arrived today.  Just like all the other pups on their first day, he just HAD to run from room to room sniffing absolutely everything.   Everything!!  Repeatedly!!  You would think the guy had never been in a house before. After a while he must have tired himself out, because then he plopped himself down in my crate (yes, you heard me right, MY crate), made himself right at home and pretty much slept the rest of the day away, except for the few times when Mom took him outside to pee.  And, hey, guess what he did then?  He ran from place to place sniffing everything like he'd never been outside before!   Sheesh!

Mom and I decided Mind Blowing is too much is a mouthful so she said I could give him a nick name.  I decided on Milo.  Everyone in the family thought it was a good choice, so that's what who he is now.  Milo. 

He's been pretty cool, all things considered, but did get a little uppity this afternoon.  When I was lying down, he stepped over me.   I took that opportunity to show him who's boss, so now he knows.   He must have thought he could rule the roost because he's a bit larger than I am, but he's got the picture now.

Milo:  I've never been in a house before.  This is pretty cool.  I've met my whole family except for my foster brother, but Mom, Dad and my two sisters are all really nice.  My DogBro Murray might be another story, I'm not sure yet.  But everyone in my human family pet me a lot and showed me a bunch of new stuff like stairs and umbrellas (I wasn't so fond of either of those), but a lot of really good things too.  I have the run of the whole house, except Mom keeps following me everywhere.  I like having her around, but it seems a little strange.  When she gets busy, I go into my crate, but that's OK because she stays in the kitchen with me.  Mom told me I'm amazing because I haven't had any "accidents."  I have no idea what an accident is, but I'm glad she realizes that I'm amazing!  (There's a reason I was named Mind Blowing.)  Mom really does have low standards, though - you should hear how she praises me every time I pee or poop outside!  She must think I'm really dumb, but that's OK, she'll figure it out soon enough!

In the meantime, I think I'm going to like it here.  I just hope my DogBro calms down.  He seems really tense.

Mom says I can choose whether to sleep in my crate or upstairs with my big sister.  I can't decide.  I'll let you know what I decide to do.  Good night!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mind Blowing!!

They're doing it again!   Mom and Dad are bringing home another pup to stay with us, starting tomorrow.  His name is Mind Blowing and that's a pretty good description of how I feel about now.  

Mom tells me, though, that I'll always be her Boy and no one can ever replace me.  So I guess I can put up with this new guy as long as he doesn't get too comfortable.... It might even be fun to have someone to play with again during the day.  As long as he stays away from my..., well, everything.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shay has left for her new Forever Home!

Murray: Well, Shay's new Daddy came by tonight and picked her up to take her to her new Forever Home. We're all sad that she's leaving us, but happy that she's found such a wonderful new place to live. I know she's going to be happy! Plus Shay's Daddy says he'll bring her by to visit sometimes, and I'm going to get to see her at the Meet & Greet at the Tysons Corner PetSmart in just 2 weeks! I can't wait to hear all about her new home!

Well, it's bed time. Tonight I'm going to sleep on BOTH of the pads in my parents' bedroom.... because I can!

Love, Murray

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Big Day

I had a big day today! This really nice man named Tom came to meet me. We liked each other, and he wants to bring me home with him. So on Thursday, I get to go to my new Forever Home! I'm really excited! Tom has a big back yard, and he's going to let me sleep in his bed with him! I'm going to miss my foster family, but this is just too good to pass up! I'll be back to visit sometime.

I also got to try peanut butter for the first time today. It was yummy! My Foster Mom tried to take pictures of me eating but she says they're all blurry because I was such a wiggle worm!

Life is good!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Murray: I had no idea, but Shay is apparently Jewish. She got hold of Mischief's old dreydel toy and all we hear all day now is the Dreydel Song. I like that song well enough, but it's getting pretty annoying. If I can get it away from her, I'm going to hide it. It could be challenging, though.

Shay: Oh dreydel, dreydel, dreydel
I made it out of clay
And when it's dry and ready
Oh dreydel I will play!

Murray: Sheesh.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Shay: When I got up this morning, there was all this white stuff on the ground outside. It was cold, too! Dad tried to take me out in it and I was, like, "no way am I walking on that!" So I held it a while but then it got to be too much so I went outside after all, but came right back in after doing my business. Mom took me out again later on and I walked around a bit and realized the world hadn't in fact ended. They don't have anything like this in Florida, though, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. At least it's nice and warm in the house!

Murray: What a wuss.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update on My New Foster Home

Shay: This place is even better than I thought! Have you ever heard of something called a "couch?" It's just like a dog bed, only SOOOO much more comfortable! I thought about sleeping on it at night too, except it's downstairs and the rest of my family sleeps upstairs, so there's no way THAT's happening!

Mom took my foster bro Murray and me to a "dog park" a couple of times. It's kind of weird - there are a lot of dogs there running around sniffing each other and generally acting like complete idiots - including Murray, worst of all! I can't believe he's actually older than me - he acts like such a puppy, it's embarrassing.

Murray: Shay doesn't get it yet, but she will.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ricochet Is Here!!

Shay: Hi, I'm Ricochet. My racing name was Grand Beauty because, in all modesty, that's what I am! I'm glossy black, with beautiful graham cracker brown eyes and a very classic greyhound look. I'm kind of skinny right now because I didn't get enough to eat on the track and they didn't feed me at all for the day it took to get me here from Florida, but I plan to change all that as soon as possible!

I like this place! I have a really nice, enormous crate with a big soft pillow in it, and my Foster Mom and Dad don't ever seem to shut the door. I have no problem walking anywhere even though there's linoleum in the kitchen and uncarpeted floors in a few other places. In fact, I'm doing better with all that than my Foster Brother Murray, who's lived here for about a year and a half!! I also made it all the way upstairs and then back down again! (My Foster Sister left me little treats on the stairs and that helped a lot.)

The one thing I didn't like too much was Mom and Sis gave me what they called a bath. I thought water torture was illegal in the United States! I am NEVER going in that nasty bathroom again (although the closet I hid in after was pretty nice, and it's right next to the bathroom).

That's enough for today. Mom says she's going to take me to the dog park soon and I've got to get ready! Bye for now!