Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ah Bliss!!

Daddy Scratches

More Daddy Scratches

Milo:   So, I got tired of walking around looking like a dunce and bumping into everything so I took off that stupid cone thing.   I was hanging around and picked up some nice Foster Daddy Scratches.   Ahhhhh.....  


Even though I was a Good Boy and didn't bite my stitches, my Foster Brother's girlfriend stuck the thing back on.  Oh well.   I got some BroScratches for my troubles.  Ahhhh.....

More BroScratches

My other Foster Sister is coming home tomorrow.  I know she'll feel sorry for me and let me take this darn thing off.  Until then, I'm going to practice looking extra put out.  (Don't worry, I'll do a better job of it than I'm doing in Mom's pictures.)

Murray:   Truth be told, I'll be glad when the pup gets that thing off.  He's a hazard.


  1. Maybe Milo and our Buddy could set up a canine satellite link between their cones.