Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rough Day Yesterday

Murray:  Milo's eye and cheek swelled up yesterday for some reason, so when Mom came home she took him to the vet.  She says he has some kind of abscess, which got drained and now seems to be okay.   While he was there, the vet also removed a tumor that Mom had been kind of worried about, even though the doctor said it's probably nothing.   Mom kind of worries about us. 
Anyway, when Milo came home, he had this big hard plastic thing wrapped around his head, which he has to wear for about a week or so.   Mom says it's to keep him from biting the stitches, but it isn't doing a very good job.  One thing it has done pretty successfully is turned Milo into even more of a hazard than he usually is, bumping into all kinds of things because he can't see very well while wearing the Cone of Shame.  I feel kind of sorry for him.  Sort of.

Milo:  I think I'm handling this rather well, all things considered.  Check out my picture.  Could anyone else look so dignified wearing this thing?

By the way, I don't think that vet is all that smart.  It isn't really all that hard to munch on the stitches when I feel like it.  Only now Mom has put some bad tasting stuff on them so I guess I'll snack on something else.


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