Sunday, June 17, 2012


Milo:   Today was quite the day!   First, it was my Foster Daddy's Day, so we had brunch and then took a really nice long walk at a place called Potomac Overlook.  I'm not sure why my Foster Mom and Dad hadn't taken me there before - it was really cool!  Even Murray likes it, and let me tell you, he's very hard to please!

But best of all, when we got back, I met my new Mom!!   I have a Forever Home!  I know everyone in my foster family will miss me a lot (they all got kind of misty eyed and kissed me a lot when I was leaving), but I'm really excited!   In my new home, I'll have a big brother and a sister who's actually a cat, but she can't help it and I'll try to understand.  I'll get to go to work with my Mom and help her out.   We also have a farm where my Mom and her friend raise horses!   This is going to be fun!

My Mom promised my Foster Mom that she'll bring me back for visits, and I might even get to see Murray and her at the Meet and Greet next Saturday in Tysons Corner.   I can't wait to see Murray and tell him all about my new home.  He is going to be soooooo jealous!   Good-bye for now!

Murray:   I'll miss this one, but I think he's going to be happy.  And it will be nice to have my bed back...  Now that I mention it, I think I'll head up there right now and make sure it's as comfortable as I remember....   

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