Monday, May 9, 2011

Buddy: Day two at my adoptive parents' house. When I woke up this morning, my foster Mom and Dad seemed really happy with me. They said it was because I let them sleep all night and then did my business outside like I was supposed to. Boy, these people are easy to please, I think I'll keep it up!! This is SOOOO much easier and more fun than living on the track!

Murray: I'm getting used to this pup. He's pretty funny, I have to admit. This morning my Mom took me to see my Grandma like we do every morning before my Mom goes to work. She took Buddy and me for a walk first in the woods behind Grandma's place, like we always do, and then put Buddy in the back of her CRV, which has become his travelling place, leaving the windows open so he could stick his head out if he wanted to while we were at Grandma's. We were only gone for a few minutes, but when we came back, Buddy had gotten himself stuck on the back of the back seat, with his front legs on the back seat, and his back legs not quite able to make it over. He was hilarious! I guess he must have thought if he made it to the back seat, he could climb out the window after us! (I could have told him that wasn't possible if he'd asked me, but he didn't.)

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