Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Murray: So, it appears Buddy's insatiable hunger has nothing to do with tapeworms - he STILL keeps trying to eat my food, after scarfing down his down at the speed of light! Mom says it must be because he came so recently from the track and probably had to compete for food there. I'm not so sure. I think maybe he's a pig in greyhound's clothing - I hear those actually exist!

Other than that, and the fact that Buddy still doesn't seem to understand that I don't like being disturbed when I'm trying to catch my beauty rest, I've started to like Buddy a lot. He's good company and fun to play with (when I'm not trying to sleep). Mom says Buddy is just staying with us until he finds a forever home. I hope his forever home isn't too far away so we can visit each other.

Mom said I could post my picture here, since this is my blog too. I'm already in my forever home, though, so don't get any ideas! (I know I'm a handsome boy, and really sweet, because Mom tells me that all the time. Plus I look really good in sunglasses.)

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